Sleeps 2-10

Jura Distillery

Sleeps 2-10

About Jura Distillery:

On Jura, we like to do things a little differently. We re-opened our distillery on this remote island in 1963 to revive a community and launched our uniquely crafted island whisky.

Our stills are the tallest of any island distillery which allows us to produce a mellow, fruity spirit and unlike most other distilleries we produce both peated and unpeated whisky.

Come to the Isle of Jura to discover our island, our story and our whisky. We’ll have a dram ready when you get here.

Opening Times 10am-4pm Monday-Friday, from the week beginning 2/11/15 until week beginning 29/2/16 (November to March).

Tours include special tasting experiences and daily distillery tours. To book a tour, please call 01496 820 385 or email

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