Sleeps 2-10

Bowmore Distillery

Sleeps 2-10

About Bowmore Distillery:

A trip to Islay without a visit to the Bowmore Distillery would be like looking at one of the bottles without sampling the contents. It’s the oldest distillery on the island, and the setting is simply stunning. The Visitor Centre is open throughout the year too (and naturally enough, there’s some tasting to be had as well).

For those of you lucky enough to visit our wonderful island, a tour of the Bowmore Distillery is a must. It’s here, in Islay’s capital, that we’ve been making Bowmore Scotch whisky for almost two and half centuries. Rich in heritage and awash in expertise, our tours will give you a privileged insight into life behind the distillery gates, and you’ll see for yourself why so many people keep coming back to Bowmore.

Bowmore is a pioneering house and the oldest licensed distillery on Islay; we have been refining our craft for over 240 years, and we still do to this day. ‘The Art of Time’® is central to the way we make our whisky. We invest more time than necessary at every stage of our process. We have our own proprietary malt barns, hand-turning our barley. We allow for perfectly timed fermentation periods. And we take our time to hand-select our casks, nosing every single one before it is filled with our new make. This care and attention to detail is what creates the complex balance of not just Smoke, but also rich fruit and sea salt which is so characteristic of our timeless house style. This is the reason why Bowmore ages like no other, the reason why it is the world’s most collectible Islay malt today.

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