Sketch Islay

About Sketch Islay:

Join local artist Dietmar Finger for a SKETCH ISLAY workshop.

The objective of the SKETCH ISLAY course is for participants to get to know this beautiful island in a way that tourists are rarely able to, and to capture visual impressions in lasting sketches. While doing this they will learn about how to deal with perspective and about art materials like different papers, paints and brushes. It is up to each student whether they want to concentrate on sketching or painting with watercolours.

The course will be held by arrangement for a minimum of two and a maximum of four people, starting at 10:00am from a central spot on the island. The group will then tour the island (using their own transport) to meet at various other spots, depending on preferences. You will be sketching in villages, in the countryside and at spots you perhaps may not discover on your own. There will be breaks and the opportunity to get yourself a snack in a nice pub or café, but you might as well bring your own picnic. The course will end at around 5:30.

Please bear in mind that painting outside will require appropriate gear. Getting to certain spots might also involve be a bit of walking across slippery grass or sandy or rocky surfaces.

The charge for a 1-day-workshop is £75, for a 2-day class respectively £150.
Chairs and all art materials will be provided, but participants are welcome to bring their own supplies.

The west coast weather is unpredictable. If weather conditions won’t allow to work outside, the course may be cancelled or will have to be held inside Dietmar’s studio in Carnduncan.

About your host:
 Dietmar has worked as a product designer in the car and motorcycle industry for 30 years. After numerous visits to Islay he moved to the island to live and work here.
By the way, although the name of his website indicates that he would paint with his fingers, he really rather prefers to use brushes…

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