Sleeps 2-10

Islay Estates

Sleeps 2-10

About Islay Estates:

Shooting on Islay is not about large bags; the island is renowned for its beauty, whisky, delightful people and diversified wildlife. On Islay Estates we aim to preserve as much of this character as possible and to offer it to our guests. There is a chance to shoot mixed game that includes Pheasant, Partridge, Woodcock, Snipe and Duck. They won’t be in every drive but you should get a chance to shoot at most of these five species during your stay. Our guests stay in Bridgend Hotel – a comfortable, well-appointed former coaching inn that has been owned by the Morrison family since they acquired the Estate in 1853. Menus can be adapted to suit your taste and we will normally include some form of game when it is available. There is – as you would expect – a huge range of local whiskies to try!

We offer two types of shooting: small, walked-up days for a couple of guns or more organised driven days for teams of 8 guns. For walked-up days you are welcome to bring your own dogs and you can expect to see a large variety of wildlife – you need to be reasonably fit for this! Or we cater for a team of 8 guns who will have a mixture of drives, some more prolific than others depending on what is around. Generally shooting on Islay is not for the inexperienced shooter but for the well-practised and discerning sportsman (or sportswoman) who appreciates wildlife and enjoys the sport of shooting wild birds.

In addition to game shooting Islay Estates have a herd of 2000 red deer that are carefully managed by the keepers. This herd is enclosed on the hills to the north of Islay where we offer both stag and hind stalking. It is possible to include a day on the hill as part of an overall package.

Readers of The Field will recall Jonathan Young’s article on walked-up shooting on Islay in 2011. The chance to enjoy a wild, rugged yet very civilised couple of days on Islay is not one to be missed. Maybe that is why the same people come back year after year?

For more information on shooting on Islay and details of prices please get in touch with the Estate Office.

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